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Day 92

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Saturday, November 4, 2017 - Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, NV, Day 4, 0 Miles, 2,633.4 Towing Miles For the Trip

Very windy last night & this morning. In fact, windy enough that they canceled the Atlatl demonstration. Since I had walked down to the picnic area where they do the demo, I took a couple of photos of the Petroglyphs next door.

Along the Campground Road Demo Canceled Staircase to Petroglyphs Petroglyphs & Graffiti
Petroglyphs The Staircase The Campground  

The AT&T data connection had been intermittent today. At times it is OK, but will drop out for minutes at a time. Verizon is also slower than normal, but did let me load the photos from early this afternoon.

Around 4:00 I decided to see what the "golden hour" light was like at the Fire Wave. It is a short .6 mile hike (although part on soft sand). Not terribly crowded for a weekend; maybe the wind was keeping people away. In any case, the morning golden hour would be much better - most of the wave was in shadow. Still, I took a few images of it, and more of the surrounding area.

On the drive back I was presented with some close up views of the Desert Bighorn Sheep. I don't know if it is the same herd as the other day, but they were eating right on the roadside. Lots of cars stopped taking pictures, so I joined them.

Along the Trail The Fire Wave The Fire Wave The Fire Wave
Along Side the Fire Wave The Fire Wave Looking Back Down the Trail Looking Back Down the Trail
Along the Trail Desert Bighorn Sheep

It was close to 6:00 when I got back to the trailer, and since the plan is for a chicken pot pie, which takes an hour to bake, dinner will be a bit late.

Until Tomorrow -


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