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Day 93

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Sunday, November 5, 2017 - Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, NV, Day 5, 0 Miles, 2,633.4 Towing Miles For the Trip

Another windy night, but it died down to a gentle roar by morning. Still enough during the day to blow over my awning chair every time I got up. I met a couple traveling in an Escape 5.0 and a converted school bus staying in the unserviced side of the campground, and a Unimog & a Scamp 16 just down the road from me. While the campground emptied out this morning, it is back to being filled except for the handicapped sites.

I had an interesting thing happen to my iPhone this morning.  I went to enter the book I just finished into my "Read Books" database, and clicked on "Today's Date".  It put 2560 BE in as the date.  I checked a couple more apps, and they all said today was November 5, 2560 BE.  I had to go on line to discover that my phone switched from the Gregorian to the Buddhist dating system.  Not sure how it happened, but eventually I found the Language menu to fix it.

Unimog Camper A Scamp 16 An Escape 5.0TA Converted School Bus

I didn't go back to the Fire Wave for morning photos, but did do some Lightroom adjustments on one of the ones I took yesterday, cleaning it up a bit.

They warn you about bees at the water faucets looking for water. There is a steady drip from the unused one at my site, and they are right - lots of bees:

Adjusted Fire Wave Bees!

I talked with Anne a bit this afternoon over Facetime - AT&T has no cell coverage today, but the Verizon Jetpack is doing OK. Don is at work doing the final dress rehearsal for the "Wizard of Oz". For some reason, I don't miss working on weekends (or weekdays, for that matter)!

I started packing up the stuff I don't need out for tonight, getting ready to leave tomorrow. I never saw a hummingbird, although the feeder was empty - the wind shook the nectar out! I hope there won't be too long a line at the dump station in the morning. While I don't have to dump, both the gray & black tanks are getting close to 1/2 full, and since I'm heading for dry camping, if I can dump, I will. I'll also bring the fresh water tank back to 1/2 full before I leave the site, even if I have to fight with the bees.

Dinner is going to be another inside oven meal - a stuffed chicken & broccoli thing with mashed potatoes & coleslaw.

Until Tomorrow -


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