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Monday, April 2, 2018 - Apple Valley Travel Park, Hendersonville, NC, Day 2 - Miles, 6,831.6 Towing Miles For the Trip

I'm not used to staying in a commercial RV park. Next door neighbor too close, lots of lights at night, including a street light just outside my bedside window, etc. I did take a shower late yesterday. Small showers, plenty of hot water & a standard shower head, a box on the wall that takes dimes, but not needed, 1 hook, and a fold down seat that you can let down after the outside door closes. Very cold - the building, both exterior & interior walls are cement block & retain the night time cold. There is a heat light on a timer in each drying area. Much appreciated & needed, at least this time of year. All in all, a bit worn looking, but usable.

After breakfast I headed to the waterfalls I found in the Dupont State Forest. I had driven through the forest on my way here yesterday, however all the parking lots, including the visitor center, were full. I did find one space, but it wouldn't take both the truck & trailer. Probably just as well since it was crowded enough that waterfall photos without people would have been difficult. They were difficult enough today. The visitor center parking lot was still full, but the lot for Hooker Falls had space. That is the parking area for hikes to Hooker Falls, Triple Falls & High Falls. I did all of them, including the overlooks & base of the falls trails. Probably a total of 3 miles or so, but only a couple of steep climbs. All the trails were crushed gravel, although climbing around the falls to line up interesting images called for hopping from rock to rock. Lots of people out enjoying the warm 70° day. Some of the images look like duplicates, however they are different time exposures, changing the look of the water a bit. Again, you can find the details using a EXIF reader on the large version of the image to see location & exposure.

I'm having a problem with the ball head on my lightweight travel tripod.  It tends to creep, even with the D850 & my lightest zoom lens, a Nikkor 17 -35mm f:2.8.  Not as light as some primary lenses, but well within the specifications for the head.  No matter how tight I crank it, it slowly floats down.  Makes for lots of lost long exposures!  I could haul along my "Car Tripod), but while also a carbon fiber tripod, to weighs twice as much (and, I have to admit, twice as stable).

The Little River Below Triple Falls

Triple Falls
High Falls
High Falls The Little River Above Hooker Falls Hooker Falls

On the way home I passed an Ingles Grocery store. Never having been to one, I stopped in. I have to say it is the largest grocery store I've ever been in; larger than most Super Walmarts. They had just about everything I ever buy except El Monterey Chicken, Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese Empanadas, which I believe are a Walmart exclusive.

They had great looking Chinese specials on display, so I bought some fried rice & orange chicken for a late lunch/early dinner. A big mistake! The worst fried rice I've ever tried to eat. Either the rice was undercooked, or dried out - it was crunchy. The chicken looked great, but not much flavor to it. I ate some, but gave up, something I rarely do with food! So, while the store has everything, I'm not sure I'd trust their hot meals. We will see how the Sesame bagels are tomorrow morning.

I'll probably have some kind of snack later.

Until Tomorrow -


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