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Day 242

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - Apple Valley Travel Park, Hendersonville, NC, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 6,831.6 Towing Miles For the Trip

A quiet night. For an older, city campground, Apple Valley is OK. Nothing fancy, but at $29.00 per night, less expensive than most of the area commercial campgrounds. Even the official price of the Forest Service campgrounds is pretty steep at $44.00 per night. Of course I would get 1/2 off with my Senior Pass, but only if I could get into one. They are all filled with Spring Breakers.

I have a Sensor Push remote thermometer in both my freezer & refrigerator. The battery in the refrigerator one died last week (while it is suppose to last one year, it is going on two). An unusual battery - a CR2477 3 volt lithium. There is a Battery Plus Bulbs (didn't they used to be called just Batteries Plus?) in Asheville, about 15 miles away, I called & they had the battery so that was the morning project. There was a Shear Shack next door. I try to avoid chain barber shops (although I'm not sure this is a chain) and stick with the old guy with the spinning barber pole, but it was there, open, and I needed a cut. They did a fine job, although since all I get is a #3 buzz of the head & a #4 buzz of the beard, there isn't all that much skill involved. She did trim my eyebrows, something regular barbers frown on. At $30.00 including a $5.00 tip, one of the more expensive haircuts I've had on the trip, or, for that matter, my life!

Of course I had to go back to the RV Park for a shower - spending the day in an itchy shirt doesn't cut it. After that it was off to Looking Glass Falls. I had GPS coordinates for Skinny Dip Falls, and had to take a photo just for the name, but Matilda, my GPS lead me to a gated road that was still over a mile from the coordinates. I headed to Looking Glass Falls, took a bunch of photos, as well as some of the cascades along the way. My iPhone & Google told me that Skinny Dip Falls was actually on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and that was only a couple miles beyond Looking Glass Falls (a very windy, hilly couple of miles). While I found a number of interesting overlooks, there was no sign for Skinny Dip Falls. I didn't try too hard to find it, but did stop at the Pisgah Camp Store (the campground is not yet opened), and bought a "T" shirt. I got back to the trailer around 5:30, disconnected the sewer hose & water line, then made dinner.

Pounding Mill Overlook At Pounding Mill Overlook Cherry Cove Overlook Looking Glass Rock Overlook
Looking Glass Rock Looking Glass Falls
Looking Glass Falls Stream Along US 276
Stream Along US 276  


Pounding Mill Overlook (8000 Pixel Version 1.6MB)
Pounding Mill Overlook (8000 Pixel Version 1.8MB)


Cherry Cove Overlook (8000 Pixel Version 2.1MB)

Dinner was a Greek Salad & a Cracker Barrel microwaved Macaroni & Cheese Bowl. OK, but nothing special...

Until Tomorrow -


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