Trip to New Hampshire & The 2nd Annual Spring Fling

May 16, 2018

All photographs Copyright © 2018 Jon R. Vermilye
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Day 2, Chocorua KOA , Chocorua, NH - 200.6 miles, 406.9 for the trip.


A pleasant drive along NY, VT & NH secondary roads to the Chocorua KOA. Like last year, we stopped at a  Hannaford grocery store along the way for some supplies. We are in sites 45 & 47, full hookup, pull through sites that are at a reduced price of $38.00 or so per night. I say "or so" because they gave Guido a different price even though I made the reservation. We set up, then sat around enjoying the nice weather.

While they are not as bad as Adirondack black flies, there are some annoying ones here at the campground (along with the usual mosquito or two). I dug out the Harbor Freight bug swatter, an electronic bug zapper built into a tennis racket. Anne had a great time zapping the flies buzzing around Guido. It works surprising well, with the satisfaction of a loud "ZAP" as it fries a bug. A little later we got out my Thermacell, which, while not as satisfying, is a lot easier to use.

Anne Zapping Guido Their Scamp 16 in Site 47 My Escape 21 in site 45

We met a couple across from us in a Trillium, and there is a Casita & Scamp 13 elsewhere in the campground. That was about it for the day.

Dinner was Shrimp Alfredo put together by Anne. I'm getting spoiled not making my own meals, even if most of mine come out of the freezer in a box.

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