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Day 16

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Monday, August 20, 2018 - Thief River Falls Campground, MN, 164.2 Miles, 1,735.8 Miles for the Trip

I have to say Winnipeg might just have the most variable weather in the continent. One night is is in the high 70's, the next mid 50's. Days in the high 90's, the next in the low 70's. I do prefer sleeping with the temperatures in the 50's than the high 70's, so last night was OK. I did dig out my extra blanket around 5:00AM.

We took a long time saying goodbyes to the Escape crowd & Ian, the head of the team that put the Anniversary gathering together, then headed back to the US. I stopped on the way out of the park to take a new photo of the truck & trailer since the one I have on various forums shows the Tacoma, and the entryway to the grounds has an interesting gateway.

The easiest border crossing I've ever made. They asked if I enjoyed the Bolar 50th, then handed back my passport & waved me through. I guess my Bothwell cheese is safe; wasn't sure it was allowed across the border since the US & Canada are always fighting over dairy products.

The Truck & Trailer Site 47 Site 46

We arrived at Thief River Falls around 2:00. Don't go looking for the falls; there isn't one. I suspected that since we drove over 160 miles and I don't think we gained or lost 10' of altitude!

We are in a city park with electric only for $20.00 per night. Pull throughs (sites 46 & 47) on grass. The cleanest bathrooms I've seen on the trip. I haven't given a shower report yet this trip ( I know, I'm slipping) but like the bathrooms, they are immaculate. Push buttons with standard showerheads that run for about 15 seconds, and only warm water, but warm enough. 2 shower curtains with a fold down bench in the drying area. Only one hook in the drying area, but many on the wall outside.

Since I'm describing showers, I should mention the ones at the Boler 50th. They brought in 18 wheeler trucks, one for the women & one for the men. I'm not sure what the layout of the woman's shower was like, but the men's had small shower stalls running on both sides of a narrow center aisle. No dressing area, just the aisle. While a bit cramped, the water was hot & the showerhead provided plenty of water.

We spent much of the afternoon chatting with the host, although Don & Anne did most of it - I was in the trailer changing my avatars from the "I'm going to the 50th Boler Anniversary" image back to a photo.

Anne put together a tuna noodle casserole for dinner.

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