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Day 17

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - Ruttger's Pine Mountain Camping Resort, Backus, MN, 159.3 Miles, 1,895.1 Miles for the Trip

I called a Walgreens that was on the way to Backus this morning, checking to see if they could fill my prescriptions that were previously filled at the Oswego Rite-Aid "Now a Walgreens". Their computers have not yet added the Rite-Aid databases, but they were able to call the Oswego pharmacy & get the refills transfered. Actually, it went smoother than most of my on-the-road fills.

After that it was on to Backus, MN, home of 250 people & the company that manufacturers Scamps. Don & Anne had a few things they wanted fixed on the trailer, and a couple of additions. Unfortunately, some of the changes were no longer available, but tomorrow they are going to get the leaking bathroom window replaced. We stopped by and made an appointment for 10:00 tomorrow.

Don & Anne at Scamp A Scamp 19 Lots of Scamps

We are in the Ruttger's Pine Mountain Camping Resort for 2 nights, and like all resorts, difficult sites. They are water & electric only sites on grass, and too short to back in, at least without the trailer tongue stuck in the road. It is a dead end with only one site past ours, so maybe we could have gotten away with it, but we decided to parallel park towards the back of the site. Like all resorts, a bit overpriced at $46.17 per night. I may be encroaching a bit on site 5, but they are very wide, shallow sites, so I hope I'm OK. There isn't much maneuvering room to get the van & Scamp turned around & out of the park in the morning. Should be interesting!

Site 7 Site 6

The bathrooms are a mid length walk away, very nice, including plenty of hooks in a dial valve valve on a standard showerhead. No bench, but there is a stool in each drying area.

Dinner is grilled chicken thighs & 4-Amigos Tortilla Soup made as a side (less water).

Until Tomorrow -


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