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Thursday, November 29, 2018 - Matagorda Bay Nature Park, TX, Day 5 - 0 Miles, 6,681.5 Miles for the Trip

I got my usual couple of phone calls offering "a Final Expense Plan" and "Pain Management Plans" early this morning. The pain management calls from a number of different callers didn't start until after I got a prescription for Celebrex. I wonder who told?

My current Verizon cell phone was my landline phone number up until last July, so I get lots of spam calls even though it is a cell phone. It never bothered me at home because the ringer on the bedroom phone was turned off, but my Verizon cell phone is often plugged into the trailer radio and sits in a cradle next to the bed about 1' from my head. Both the phone & the radio ring. Since I'm a time zone west of normal, the calls start early. Of course, all the calls have a spoofed originating number coming from the 315 area code (my hometown code) and usually in a nearby town. It will be worse when I hit Arizona with two time zone changes. Unfortunately, while I don't get as many on the AT&T phone, which has been a cell number all its life, I do get some. I read the other day that is will soon be possible using software to determine if a calling number is spoofed, and prevent the phone from ringing. Couldn't happen too soon!

Last night, after I posted the journal I went to the beer exchange. Since I left upstate NY in August, most good beer left in the trailer that long would be getting pretty bad by now. Last year my Adirondack Bear Naked Beer was pretty bad by the time I reached the Quartzsite rally, so this year I didn't bring any. I enjoyed talking with some of the participants, an offered Alamo beer, and some snacks.

The Beer Exchange
The Beer Exchange
The Beer Exchange

This morning was the first official day of the rally. The "Protesters" moved from the parking lot to their sites, another Scamp 19 arrived, and the park is looking like a fiberglass rally. There are still a few stick built trailers & Class A's, but most of the sites in the south campground are fiberglass. There are three Casitas in the north campground. Light rain off & on, with heavy clouds.

Around the Campground
Around the Campground
Looking South The North Campground Around the Campground
Around the Campground
Around the Campground Sip & Dip

There was suppose to be an organized Sunset Kayak program this evening, but the rain and cloudy sky seemed to have canceled it. Since the rain has been cycling off & on, during a somewhat dry spell I wiped down the front of the trailer, trying to remove the 4 months of road dust & bugs. About all is did is smear it all, making a bigger mess, and, not enough rain so far to rinse it off.

Around 6:00 I headed to the Sip & Dip, a get together with snacks & drinks. After that it was back to the trailer. I had enough snacking that the chicken patty sandwich I had for a late lunch was plenty.

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