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Saturday, April 6, 2019 - Fall Creek Falls State Park, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 10,636.5 Miles for the Trip

A pretty good day for photographing waterfalls. No rain, but enough clouds to keep the contrast between the water highlights & surrounding rocks within bounds.

I've been to Fall Creek Falls State Park before during a 2016 trip, so other than hoping I would catch Fall Creek Falls with more water going over it than the last time, I skipped the other falls in the park. Unfortunately, the amount of water over the falls the park is named for was the same or less than last time. I stopped at George Hole & took a photo of a cascade below the swimming hole, and discovered that my lightweight travel tripod ball head wouldn't tighten. During long exposures to blur the water is slowly panned down no matter how hard I tightened it. So, I switched to my heavier "auto" tripod, the one I use when I can park the truck near the waterfall. Much sturdier, but weighs twice what the travel one weighs.

I headed to Burgess Falls where there are three waterfalls. Actually, there is no Burgess Falls, that is just the name of the park. There is a Cascade named Cascade, and three waterfalls that, according to the ranger in the parking lot, are named Upper Falls, Middle Falls, and Lower Falls, with the lower the largest. As he stated, they didn't get too creative on the names...

Parking was tight, with a second ranger at the entrance holding traffic until a parking spot opened. The trail from the Cascades to the Lower Falls is 3/4 of a mile, and listed as moderate. The only difficult part for me (other than having to haul my heavier tripod) was the long staircase near the Lower Falls, although a few sections were single file only & the trail was crowded.

Falls Creek Falls George Hole Cascade The Cascade The Cascade
Upper Falls Middle Falls Lower Falls  

Dinner was a microwaved Healthy Choice Sweet & Sour Chicken dinner.

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