2010 Trip to Oceanside, Washington DC, Babcock State Park, WV & Ricketts Glen, PA

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Monday, April 5th, 2010

Today was our last day in Oceanside. We are going to caravan down to DC after lunch. Our last meal was Portabella mushroom "burgers" with onions, Munster cheese, lettuce & tomato. They were great. Many thanks to Bert & Pam for putting up with a house full of people. Things should be a little calmer for for them, at least till next time...

We left around 12:30 & were hoping to hit Brian & Karin's around 5:00 or so but the traffic in the New York area was stop & go. Somehow we managed to miss the rush hour traffic around Baltimore & Washington so overall it wasn't too bad a trip, although I will never get used to "big city" driving. Two lanes & a couple of hundred feet between cars is the way to go!

Karin & Brian are still moving into their new apartment. It is a interesting place - even though it is a fairly large 4 story apartment building, it is built & runs on ecologically sound principles. The floors in the apartments & hallways are bamboo, the heating & cooling is a Ground source HVAC system, and a general attitude that includes serious recycling and sustainable living.

I had a Gyro for dinner made at the "The Middle Eastern Cuisine & Market" restaurant, a favorite of Brian & Karins - not the same as a Greek Gyro, but interesting. They also had iced tea that was spiced with cloves (and maybe some other stuff) that was an interesting surprise. I liked it - much preferred to sugar & lemon.


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