2010 Trip to Oceanside, Washington DC, Babcock State Park, WV & Ricketts Glen, PA
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Friday, April 2nd, 2010 - Introduction

Well, it it Spring & I'm combining a couple of visits into one trip. Although I did a short trip to Quebec to look at an Escape travel trailer there, this is my first long trip since Carol, my wife of 43 years passed away in January from a long bout with emphysema.

I traded in the Chrysler Town & Country for a more fuel efficient Toyota RAV4. I know, lots of jokes about zooming down the highway with a stuck accelerator, but they made me a deal I couldn't pass up, and since I am now looking at small travel trailers, the RAV4 has a better towing capacity than the van. Actually, trading it in wrong - the van is going to Nantucket to become the Vermilye Island transport vehicle, that is if David ever comes to pick it up.

2003 Van
2010 RAV4
The Town & Country
The New RAV4


Anyhow, the RAV4 is great fun to drive. Not quite as smooth as the T&C van, but I'm getting around 5 miles per gallon better & the all wheel drive was handy for the last few snow storms this winter.

The plan for the trip is to visit with Karin, Valerie, Brian & his parents at Oceanside, Long Island for Easter. I am also going to look another Escape 17b that is about 35 miles East of Oceanside, then follow Brian & Karin to their new apartment in DC for a few days with the cherry blossoms & parade. After that, I'm going to visit Babcock State Park in West Virginia to see the Glade Creek Grist Mill. This is an often photographed reconstructed mill located in the park. It is probably the worst time of the year to photograph it, but I will be most of the way there after my visit to DC. This will be a "scouting trip" finding locations, shooting angles, etc for a trip in the Fall.

After that, it is on to photograph some of the waterfalls in Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania. I have a number of photos of some the 22 waterfalls on my Waterfalls Web Page, however that visit was in August, and there was very little water in the streams feeding the falls. Although some of the waterfalls look better with little water running over them, I am hoping that the Spring runoff will provide a bit more water for some different images. After that it is back to Oswego.

The drive to Oceanside was uneventful. Although I was a bit concerned about driving to NYC on a holiday weekend, even the traffic was reasonable.


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