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Arizona Flora

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During the winter of 2014 I became a "Snowbird", traveling to the Arizona Desert. I spent two weeks at Cattail Cove State Park next to Lake Havasu, and the park labled many of the trees & cactus. The names are a mix of official & common names, and since I haven't got a clue, if they are wrong, sorry! In any case, since I wanted a way of looking them up, I've added a page to my site of photographs:

Century Plant
Golden Cholla
Englemann Prickly Pear
Bristly Prickly Pear
Compass Barrel
Golden Cholla
Soaptree Yucca
Fairy Duster
Peruvian Apple Cactus
Englemann Hedgehog
Century Plant
Varigated Century Plant
Arizona Pencil Cholla
Golden Barrel
Chihuahuna Desert Tree Yucca
Desert Ironwood Tree
Chain Fruit (Jumping) Cholla
Teddy Bear Cholla
Chain Fruit (Jumping) Cholla
Old lady on the Mountain
Red Yucca
Aloe Vera
Desert Museum Palo Verde
Whitehorn Acacia
Foothills Palo Verde
Desert Ironwood (Foreground)
Mesquite Tree
Yellow Oleander
Red Gun Eucalyptus
Texas Ebony
Willow Acacia
Fremont Cottonwood


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