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I'm on the way back East after spending the winter at Quartzsite, AZ and am currently in Tennessee. On my way to the campground I passed a sign for the Cumberland Caverns, so after setting up in the campground paid a visit to the caverns.

Cumberland Caverns is a fairly commercialized cave. In fact, they do blueglass concerts in one of the large rooms complete with a chandelier, drive automobiles inside the cave, and have bathrooms & a snack bar, even underground campsites (I assume for tents).

Still, there are some nice formations with decent lighting and an informative tour. I took the 1 1/2 hour walking tour for $20.52 with a AAA discount & tax - they have others that spend more time & do some crawling. It is one of the largest caves in Tennessee - over 22 miles long. While my tour was not too crowded - it was the guide & myself. The guide said that they were doing tours with 15 people every hour last week so it was a quiet period.

They use the Nissan Leaf to drive the performers for the concerts to the stage, and Jeeps to haul the equipment.

The Gift Shop A Still One of the Pools The Nissan Leaf
A Pool & Column A Cave Bat A Room The Concert Room
Cave Formations
An Underground Campsite The "Graveyard" The Bathrooms The Chandelier
The Bluegrass Stage      

A Large Room With Lighting (Large Version)


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