Nantucket - Saturday, August 9th, 2008
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Friday August 8th
Sunday, August 10th

Another beautiful morning. I ran out to the farm (well, jogged slowly) and did the short loop. Works out to about 4 miles from the house & back. Lots of people out getting their & their dog's exercise.

We are having a smoked brisket for dinner; David is dealing with it while I make some of the accessories. Made a Blueberry Buckle, some deviled eggs & my mother's potato salad (actually, I'm pretty sure it is the Hellmann's Classic Potato Salad recipe with a few tweaks). Anyhow we are ready.

A minor problem - Don & Anne missed their ferry. They aren't bringing a car so it isn't a problem to get the next one, but if they miss that they won't get here until 9:00, a little late for dinner! The traffic on I90 & 25 at the bridge as well as getting into Hyannis is a mess today. I forgot what it is like on a weekend. We did that once, and I'll never travel to the Cape area on a weekend or holiday again!

Well, they did catch the "Fast Ferry", the Iyanough. Parking was interesting. They had a bunch of us parked in the lanes used to feed cars onto the regular ferries. Parking is always a problem, but once you are in a lane there is no way to get out until the cars in front of you leave. Of course that is no problem when loading the ferry, but for individuals waiting for people to arrive on the ferry it means you could be waiting for a long time. Actually, it worked out fine. By the time we loaded Don & Anne's bags into the van the cars in front of us were also loaded & we all left without any wait at all. Wish that could be said for the road going out of the ferry terminal. It was jammed!

While we were waiting I tried a handheld panorama of part of the harbor:

Nantucket Harbor

It worked out OK.

Fast Ferry
Don & Anne
The Back Yard
The Iyanough - Fast Ferry
Don & Anne Arrive
Sitting Down to David's Brisket
The Back Yard

Anyway, we made it back to the house, got Don & Anne moved in, and had a wonderful dinner. According to David, my version of Mom's potato salad is close, but not quite there. Too bad we can't find out what she did - I have to admit, although I liked mine, hers was better. After dinner we sat around David's fire, and a little after dark watched a fireworks display. Not sure why it was happening, and it was on the other side of the island, but it looked like quite the show.

Until tomorrow!

Friday August 8th
Sunday, August 10th