Nantucket - Thursday, August 7, 2008
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Well, it's August & time to visit my brother David. Nantucket is a great place to visit any time of year, but August is the peak of the summer - it's both good & bad; great beach weather but crowded. In any case, since the ferry reservations have been made for the 7th, that is when we are going. We will stay for 2 weeks, returning on Thursday the 21st. This is a bit earlier than last year, but no matter when we leave it is the wrong time for my garden. The beans, both snap & pole are just coming in, and we although we have been eating cherry tomatoes for 2 weeks, out first full size are just turning red. I expect there will be lots of tomatoes to can, which is great - we used the last of our 47 pints to make stew last week. By the way, this has been the best year for blueberries since we put in the bushes. We froze 2 gallons, ate a couple gallons, and gave away another 4 gallons and still had to ask the neighbors to pick all they want. I have been taking extra squash to the Salvation Army kitchen, two grocery bags three times a week. They seem to still be enjoying it, but while we're gone they will get a break.

Anyway, we left at 5:30 AM and, as usual arrived in plenty of time for our boat. We did stop to do a bit of shopping for David & a friend - there is a limited amount of everyday stuff available on the Island. They don't have any chain or big box stores, so if you want something from one of them you have to take a 2.5 hour ferry ride to shop. By the time we actually got to the ferry terminal we still had an hour wait for the Eagle.

Hyannis Fery Terminal
On our way
Carol Waiting For the Ferry
Waiting for the Eagle
On the Ferry

I took a few photos on the way across & as we pulled into Nantucket, but all in all, an uneventful crossing. The Nantucket is the Steamship Authority's other vehicle/passenger ferry. They also have a small "Work" boat that primarily moves trucks back & forth and a "Fast Ferry" that makes the crossing in one hour. The Great Point is run by the Hy-Line, a commercial passenger only service.

Hyannis Harbor
The Great Point
Hyannis Harbor
A Duck in Hyannis Harbor
The Nantucket
The Great Point

As we pulled into the Nantucket Harbor the sun produced some interesting patterns on the water. We also watched a Jet Ski jump the wake of the ferry.

Nantucket Harbor
Jet Ski
Jet Ski
Sailing Into the Harbor
Sailing Into the Harbor
Jet Ski
Jet Ski

Sailing Into the harbor
Sailing Into the Harbor

Well, enough for today. We are here, had a great barbecued chicken dinner prepared by David & hit the sack early.

Friday, August 8th