Nantucket - Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
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Lets start the day with a couple of pictures around the house. There is a Rose of Sharon bush (well, actually a couple of them) planted next to the garage - beautiful flowers all summer long. I tried bringing a section of one back to Oswego, but it didn't survive. I know they grow in our climate, but maybe this variety needs the moisture of Nantucket. I also included a photo of our name sign posted over the garage, a gift from a friend & former student, George Dummitt.

Rose of Sharon
Name Sign
Rose of Sharon
George's Sign

Well, today's a sad day - Karin & Valerie are heading back to Washington, DC. It was great to have them visit for a couple of days, but since we are leaving tomorrow morning on the 6:30AM boat, it made sense fro them to go. And just for those of you that have spent hours waiting for your airplane, today US Air flight 3686 actually took off 9 minutes early!

Nantucket Aipot
Nantucket Aipot
At the ACK Airport
Nantucket (ACK) Airport
The New Section Under Construction
Karin & Valerie Getting Ready to Leave

After the trip to the airport we picked up stuff for dinner, did a final trip to the dump, then went back to Stop & Shop for the ice for the ice chest I forgot on the first trip. Although there are photos of the dump in some of our previous trip journals, I though I'd add some new ones. Not a lot has changed, although David is unhappy - the new company that has taken over from the previous one is a bit tighter about picking up scrap metal & appliances. David had been making enough money from scrap aluminum & such to pay for trips to the mainland to pick up firewood, etc. Now they no longer allow collecting. It was also a source for grills & other appliances. Some of the Nantucket summer residents replace perfectly good appliances (such as a $750.00 Weber Grill) simply because they changed the color of their patio furniture! I've been using one at home for a couple of years that finally gave up the ghost this summer. In any case here is the dump:

Nantucket Dump Recycling Building
Nantucket Dump Bottle Return
Nantucket Dump - Take it or Leave it
Nantucket Dump - Mining for dirt
The Recycling Building
The Boy Scouts Can Collection
Take It or Leave It
Mining the Old Part of the Dump
Old Dump 1984
Nantucket Dump The Sifter
Nantucket Sewer Beds
Nantucket Dump 1984
Close Up of the Grinder
Nantucket Sewer Bed

For those not familiar with the Nantucket dump, it does major recycling (remember it is a small island) and has a tradition of using the dump as a "exchange." When dropping off an item that might still have some use left in it, it was set to the side, and picked up by who ever thought they could use it. When it was modernized (eventually the state of Massachusetts insisted the open dumping had to stop) they continued the tradition and added the Take It or Leave It Building. A great source of books, beach chairs, and kid's toys as well as linens, dishes & utensils, clothing, etc.

One thing new this year - they are "mining" the old part of the dump & using a grinder/separator to produce "fresh" dirt to cover the new section of the landfill. Again, an interesting approach when you have limited land & cover material. It appears they are doing the same at the sewer beds - there is a similar machine out near Miacomet Beach.

After the dump (and the ice run) it was home to pack. We try to get as much done the day before - packing at 5:30AM isn't much fun! The good thing is all fits! I probably won't be able to make tomorrow's entry until after we get back to Oswego, so it may be a little late. That's all for now.

Tuesday, August 19th
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