The Niagara Wine Escape - September 2014
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While the Niagara Wine Escape rally doesn't start until tomorrow, I got a head start & arrived at the Riverside Park Campground & Motel on Thursday. So far there are around 5 trailers already here, with more coming. The drive was uneventful - 160.7 miles on NY 104, 21 & US 20. I crossed the border at the Peace Bridge. A little longer than following Route 104 all the way from Oswego to the border, but an interesting drive, and it skips going through Rochester.

Site 51, Riverside Park Campground

Friday, September 12, 2014 -

A cool night - down to 51°F overnight, and it only warmed up to 57°F during the day. At least it didn't rain (although that is the prediction for tomorrow). More trailers arrived throughout the day. I didn't do a count, but we have quite a collection of makes & sizes, all the way from a 21' Escape to a Prius with a camping rig attached to the back. Surfsides, Trilliums, Casitas, Compact Jrs, Bolers, and Big Foots (even a couple of "Stickies" or non fiberglass eggs) are among the trailer brands represented.

As you can tell by the winter coats, it was a bit cool sitting around the traditional Friday night campfire. Still, a good get together complete with some magic crystals that gave the fire some wonderful color.

Today's Photos:

Saturday, September 13, 2014 -

The weather followed the predictions; rain off & on during the morning & early afternoon, but clearing & a bit of welcome sunshine around 3:00. It was cool enough that I cooked my pies in the trailer, welcoming the extra heat. After that I took a few more photos of people & trailers, then headed to the Pot Luck Dinner. As usual, lots of great food. After the dinner and the awarding of door prizes, some stayed around for a little campfire gathering. I left fairly early since I needed to post these photos. Actually, that was an excuse. It's COLD! Actually, only down to 52°F, but it feels colder than that even with the warmth of the fire.

Today's Photos:

A large 2.3MB version of the panorama.

Sunday, September 14, 2014 -

While the Saturday Pot Luck Dinner & door prizes are the official end of the rally, Sunday brunch at Betty's has become very popular. About 25 of us formed an "auto train" and headed an 11:00 brunch. As usual, the food was great. If you ever get to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls (or even the US side), it is well worth a trip to Betty's. I don't know if they do brunch any other days than Sunday, but I've had dinner there & it was great.

As to the brunch, the strawberry crepes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and many dishes I didn't recognize, but enjoyed, were excellent. A whole table of desserts, including my favorite cake, many pies, brownies, and blueberry cheesecake. The only complaint I have is each time I went up to the buffet, the fried fish (which is wonderful) was gone. The people sitting on either side of me managed to get some, so it was just my timing, and I just couldn't make a third trip (well, other than dessert). Sorry the pictures are not up to the usual standards, but I used my iPhone since I didn't want to haul one of the big cameras. At least this year I didn't have my thumb over the lens!

The Brunch Train
Brunch at Betty's
Brunch at Betty's

After that I headed back to the campground to pick up my trailer & headed for Pennsylvania. A few trailers are staying at the campground for the day.

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