The 19th Pickin' In The Pasture, Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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After spending 2 weeks on Nantucket Island visiting my brother, I drove home to Oswego, picked up the trailer & on the next day headed to Pickin' In The Pasture, a Bluegrass Festival in Lodi, NY. While the festival has been going on for years (this is the 19th), somehow I've missed hearing about it. Since it is only 60 miles from Oswego, and I enjoy Bluegrass, it seemed like a good idea.

Susan & Andy Alexander host the festival on their sheep farm. There is a space for camping in a section of the pasture along with fresh water, portajohns & dumpsters for trash. The price for the 4 day festival (including camping) is $80.00. While most of the campers are in RV's, there are a few tents as well. One other fiberglass egg - a Burro.

You get two site photos. You would think that I would pay attention to the direction of the sun when setting up in a field - It was important during the winter in Quartzsite, AZ. So, I pulled in, unhooked & set up, made a run to the nearest grocery store for some milk, and got back to realize that the sun was setting on the passenger side of the trailer, heading the refrigerator, and ducking entirely under the awning. So, using the excuse that I had to move the trailer anyway since I needed water, I set up again with the door facing East. It does give me a better view of the sunset from the larger rear window. The pasture is set up with a main road running the length of the area and smaller flagged "roads" that branch off the main drag. I'm set up on Earl's Way. While you are required to keep 10' between campers (NY Law) there is plenty of room to spread out for those that want to.

After setting up the second time, I walked around the camping area, talked with some of the staff, and took a few photos. I suspect there will be many more, but I'll start with these:

The Wrong Direction Much Better! The View From the Trailer The Back Half of the Camping Area
Some of the Staff Fresh Water The Sheep Sunset

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