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Day 77

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013, Cattail Cove State Park, AZ, Day 3 - 0 miles, 4,860.4 For the Trip

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Merry Christmas! We had a Christmas Pot Luck dinner at 1:00 this afternoon. The food was great, as usual for pot lucks. Lots of interesting things to eat, and, also as usual, I ate far too much. The problem is you just have to try everything. I was only able to get rid of 1/2 my apple pie - there was another one as well as a very good apple crisp, so I still have lots of left overs.

After the pot luck I Skyped & called a bunch of people to wish them a happy Christmas, and gloat over the 73°F sunny weather. While having a white Christmas has always been a plus back east, I don't miss it at all.

Since I didn't take any photos today, I thought I'd post one as a reminder of why I'm here rather than in Oswego - a winter storm on Lake Ontario:

With the huge early dinner, my evening meal was a piece of pie.

Until tomorrow -

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