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Day 89

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Monday, January 6, 2014, La Paz County Park, AZ, - 18.4 miles 4,878.8 For the Trip

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I didn't get too early a start this morning since I only had to drive 20 miles or so. Packed up the trailer, hooked it up, dumped the tanks, and headed south on AZ95. Two stops on the way; the first to photograph some interesting reeds or cattails on the Bill Williams River, and the second for a huge something coming the other way that was definitely a "wide Load", completer with sheriffs pushing us off the road so it could fit.

While I was hoping for a one month site at La Paz, none were available, so I'm in a two week site with the possibility of moving to another one when the two weeks are up. While the month price is quite a bit less expensive, the weekly sites have free electricity - it is $.16 per KWH on the monthly sites. I'm in site N8, at the northern end of the park. Electric & Water, no sewer, and on dirt. Our section only has about 8 RVs, and the sites are larger than those closer to the water. I also have cable, and since I will be here for a month, actually programed the USB tuner I have for the Mac. Unfortunately, after the 45 minutes it took to find all the channels, I didn't find much that interested me. There is a PBS station, so maybe I'll check that out if I get bored.

I met a couple in a near by trailer that is part of the Broadhurst family that started the Broadhurst theater in NY. Tom Morse, one of my former students designed sound for many Neil Simon productions, & I saw Broadway Bound there. Small world.

Reeds on the Bill Williams River
Wide Load Ahead
Wide Load
Site N8, La Paz County Park
Sunset at La Paz
The Floating Restaurant


Dinner was a fillet of Cod, pretty good for previously frozen (I've been spoiled by fish a few hours out of the ocean at Nantucket) and mixed vegetables. The only problem grilling fish is I have never found a good way to keep it from sticking to the grill. Tried starting hot, cold, oiled, etc, no matter what the grill is going to need a good cleaning afterwards. One interesting dinner possibility - there is a floating restaurant next to the campground. While I rarely eat at one, being that close is going to be tempting!

Not a bad sunset over the Colorado River tonight..

Until tomorrow -

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