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Day 90

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014, La Paz County Park, AZ, Day 2 - 0 miles 4,878.8 For the Trip

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I spent most of the day doing nothing. I did walk around the campground a bit - it is large enough that it is easy to do a couple of miles without leaving. I wrote & mailed a couple of birthday cards, and checked out the books in the trading library - not much by the authors I read so I'll probably leave more than I take.

While there is a bathroom near my site, it doesn't have showers. I tried to get a key to the nearest bathroom with showers - some are open to all and others need keys. The problem is they don't have any keys left for the nearest bathroom, so the open one with showers is far enough away that I'll probably drive to it. I did notice as I was typing this that I have been on the road for three months. I am still trying to get used to staying in one place for a long time - I'm used to stopping for a day or two, then moving on - it takes a different mindset to stay in a campground for a couple of weeks.

Another beautiful sunset tonight. As you can see, lots of us were taking photos. It was about the most cloudy day I've had along the Colorado, and, without the sun, fairly cool. Of course, cool is relative - it did hit 64°F when the sun was shining, and at home it is 1°F, and a declared snow emergency with the local schools & interstates closed.

Early Sunset Over the Campground
Sunset on the River
Lots of Picture Takers
Towards the End


Dinner was fried rather than grilled fish so I could finish off the package of Cod I bought yesterday, along with rice.

Until tomorrow -

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