The Quartzsite Gathering, 2014 - February 7 - 9
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All photographs Copyright © 2014 Jon R. Vermilye

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I decided that my home town, Oswego, NY, which gets between 150" - 200" of snow each year is wonderful in the summer, but maybe a good place to leave for the winter. So, this year I headed south & west. One of my stops was for the Quartzsite Gathering. While I lost count after 61, I suspect there were at least 70 fiberglass trailers attending the gathering. I arrived early on Monday, the 3rd, and stayed through Monday, the 10th. While the photos may not make complete sense since I just cut & pasted them from my daily blog, here are a bunch of images from the gathering:

February 3rd

My Site (Before the Scamp)
The Organizers
Another Escape 17!
Still Lots of Space

February 4th

My New Neighbor
A Very Beat Sonora Cactus
A Neat Tree
Another One
View From the Hill
Another Cactus

February 5

My Roll-Up Table
A 90 Watt Suitcase Panel
My Permit
A 30 watt suitcase Panel
Gathering Around the Barbeque's
The Samples
And the Smoker/cooker
Our First Truck Camper
Our End is Getting Crowded
A 17' Bigfoot on the Hill

February 7th

Last Night
Last Night
Last Night
Here Comes the Ultralight
A Pass Over the Gathering
Getting Together
Getting Together
Getting Together
A Well Decorated Site
Looking East
Some Scamp 13's
The New Trillium
The New Trillium
The New Trillium
A New Arrival
Getting Together
Recognize the Jeep?

February 8th

Last Night's Campfire
The Musicians
The Musicians
Last Night's Alternate Campfire
The Swap & Sell Tent
Free Stuff!
The Ladderball Court
Greg from Off The Grid RV Solar
Greg from Off The Grid RV Solar
Starting the Soup
Heating the Soup
Making Cinnamon Rolls
Hanging Out
Waiting for the Soup
Serving the Soup
Ladderball Prizes
Explaining the Rules
Playing the Game
Earl is Keeping Score
Playing the Game


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