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Wednesday, June 10, 2015, Luce County Park, Curtis?, MI, 240.2 Miles Today, 712.0 Miles for the Trip

More interstate driving, but we did cross the Mackinac Bridge, after which we hit US 2 which we plan to follow all the way to North Dakota. The bridge was interesting. We had pretty strong crosswinds on the drive & they had a sign at the start of the bridge that RVs, Trucks, & vehicles pulling trailers need to cross at 20MPH. The scary thing is people were actually doing 20MPH! I did open the window in the middle of the bridge and it was really blowing.

We are heading for Picture Rock, but rather than pushing to get there tonight, we decided to stop at a small County park for the night. I'm not sure what town to use for the campground, each guide gives a different one, but Curtis is the closest on my map. I asked Anne to call the park (there is an advantage to having both a driver & a navigator) to be sure they had space since last night's county park only had a few empty spaces. No problem, other than our trailers, Luce County Park is empty. It looks like it would be very pleasant during the warmer part of the summer, however it is still very windy, and down to the 60's. The campground host mentioned that the wind is good - it is keeping the mosquitoes away. Have to admit, they are not a problem outside, but I'll not sure I'll spend too much time in a chair on the lawn. Don & Anne tried setting their chairs in the lee of the trailer, and they were back inside in about 5 minutes. I hope it calms down enough to cook dinner. The plan is for Spaghetti & meatballs (and sausage) but it could be soup cooked inside!

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