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Monday, June 8, Willow Lake Park, Woodstock, Ontario, CA
Tuesday, June 9, Pinconning Park, Pinconning, MI
Wednesday, June 10, Luce County Park, Curtis, MI
Thursday, June 11, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI
Friday, June 12, Northland Camping & RV Park, South Range, WI
Saturday, June 13, Sarah Lake Farmers Union Campground, MN
Sunday, June 14, Geographic Center of North America, Rugby, ND
Monday, June 15, Nickel Lake Regional Park, Weyburn, SK
Tuesday, June 16, Campland RV Resort, Saskatoon, SK
Wednesday, June 17, Vermillion Provincial Park, Vermillion, AB
Thursday, June 18, Sagitawah RV Park, Whitecourt, AB
Friday, June 19, Happy Trails Campground, Grande Prairie, AB
Saturday, June 20, Rotary RV Park, Fort St John, BC & the Start of the Alaskan Highway
Sunday, June 21, Triple G Hideaway RV Park, Fort Nelson, BC (Mile 275 of the AK Highway)
Monday, June 22, Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park, BC, (Mile 458 of the AK Highway)
Tuesday, June 23, Rancheria Motel & Cafe, YT, (Mile 710 of the AK Highway)
Wednesday, June 24, High Country RV Park, Whitehorse, YT, (Mile 884.3 of the AK Highway)
Thursday, June 25, Destruction Bay Lodge, Burwash, YT, (Mile 1083 of the AK Highway)
Friday, June 26, Tok RV Village, Tok, AK, (Mile 1313.4 of the AK Highway)
Saturday, June 27, Bear Creek RV Park, Valdez, AK
Sunday, June 28, Bear Creek RV Park, Valdez, AK
Monday, June 29, Pinnacle RV Park, Sutton, AK
Tuesday, June 30, Creekwood Inn, Anchorage, AK
Wednesday, July 1, Creekwood Inn, Anchorage, AK Day 2
Thursday, July 2, Beluga Lookout Lodge & RV Park, Kenai, AK
Friday, July 3, Alaskan Angler RV Resort, Ninilchik, AK & Homer
Saturday, July 4, Alaskan Angler RV Resort, Ninilchik, AK, Day 2
Sunday, July 5, Millers Landing Campground, Seward, AK
Monday, July 6, Portage RV Park, Girdwood, and Whittier, AK
Tuesday, July 7, Crow River Mine & Chugach State Park, Eagle River, AK
Wednesday, July 8, Alaskan Trails RV & Camper Park, Wasilla, AK
Thursday, July 9, Montana Creek Campground & The Musk Ox Farm, AK
Friday, July 10, Montana Creek Campground, Day 2 & Talkeetna, AK
Saturday, July 11, McKinley RV Park & Campground, Healy, AK
Sunday, July 12, Denali National Park, AK
Monday, July 13, Denali National Park, AK, Day 2
Tuesday, July 14, Denali National Park, AK, Day 3
Wednesday, July 15, Denali National Park, AK, Day 4
Thursday, July 16, Nenana RV Park, Nenana, AK
Friday, July 17, Chena Hot Springs, AK
Saturday, July 18, "C" Lazy Moose RV Park, Salcha, AK
Sunday, July 19, Tundra Lodge RV Park, Tok, & Chicken, AK
Monday, July 20, Talbot Arms Motel, Destruction Bay, YK (Mile 1083 AK Highway)
Tuesday, July 21, Johnson Crossing, Teslin, YT (Mile 836 AK Highway)
Wednesday, July 22, Baby Nugget RV Park, Nugget City, YT (Mile 650 of the AK Highway)
Thursday, July 23, 2015, Tatogga Lake Resort, Iskut, BC
Friday, July 24, Camp Run A Muck, Hyder, AK & The Bear Viewing Platform
Saturday, July 25, Shady Rest RV Park, Houston, BC
Sunday, July 26, Blue Cedar RV Park, Prince George, BC
Monday, July 27, Brookside Campsite, Cache Creek, BC
Tuesday, July 28, Silver Lake County Park, Maple Falls, WA
Wednesday, July 29, Silver Lake County Park, Maple Falls, WA, Day 2 & Mt Baker
Thursday, July 30, Bellingham RV Park, Bellingham, WA
Friday, July 31, Lake Ki RV Resort & Camp, Arlington, WA
Saturday, August 1, Lake Ki RV Resort & Camp, Arlington, WA, Day 2
Sunday, August 2,Crescent Beach RV Park, Port Angeles, WA
Monday, August 3, Sandy Riverfront RV Park, Troutdale, OR
Tuesday, August 4, Mountain View RV Park, Baker City, OR
Wednesday, August 5, Three Island Crossing State Park, Glenns Ferry, ID
Thursday, August 6, Three Island Crossing State Park, Glenns Ferry, ID, Day 2
Friday, August 7, Craters of the Moon National Monument, ID
Saturday, August 8, Snake River RV Park, Idaho Falls, ID
Sunday, August 9, Gros Ventre Campground, Tetons National Park, WY
Monday, August 10, Gros Ventre Campground, Tetons National Park, WY, Day 2
Tuesday, August 11, Gros Ventre Campground, Tetons National Park, WY, Day 3
Wednesday, August 12, Gros Ventre Campground, Tetons National Park, WY, Day 4
Thursday, August 13, Sleeping Bear RV Park, Lander, WY
Friday, August 14, WYO Campground, Burns, WY
Saturday, August 15, Kearney RV Park, Kearney, NE
Sunday, August 16, Timberline Campground, Waukee, IA
Monday, August 17, Hollywood Casino Campground, Joliet, IL
Tuesday, August 18, Huron River Valley Resort, Huron, OH
Wednesday, August 98, Letchworth State Park, Castile, NY
Thursday, August 20, 2015,Oswego, NY

Wrap Up

Wednesday, June 3 through Sunday, June 7, 2015, Oswego, NY, 0 Miles, 0 Miles for the Trip

Off on another trip. Like my previous trips, I spent the last couple of days packing. To add to the confusion, I discovered that the repair of my refrigerator wasn't quite as expected. While the replacement of the thermostat did fix the problem on the 120V electric side, now it won't run at all on propane; won't even light. Since there isn't enough time to take it back to the people that did the thermostat replacement (and I wasn't all that happy with their work), I tried Seven O's in Cicero, but they still have a 2 week backlog due to their fire. They suggested calling their other location in Kirkville, and they managed to fit the trailer into their schedule. Hopefully, it will be repaired in time to leave on Monday (obviously I'm starting today's post a bit early).

Another complication is this weekend is the Theatre Department's 5 year reunion weekend. As both an alumni & retired department member, I plan to attend the events. I even have a couple of alumni staying at the house.

The trailer is mostly packed & I'll finish when I get it back. I am taking the RAV4 (fully packed) to the scale at the dump to see where it is at; I'll take the combination on Monday morning before we leave.

The "we" is another difference for this trip. I will be "Caravaning" with a former student & friend Don Guido & his wife Anne for the Alaska part of the trip. They have often joined me on my trips for a week or two, and in 1996 we spent the summer tent camping across the US. This time they purchased a 2010 Scamp 16 so no more wet tents to pack in the morning!

Well, it is Sunday, we all made it through the reunion, the refrigerator is working fine on propane (it started fine for the crew at Seven O's and has been running since.) The house has emptied & we are finalizing our route & first stop. For anyone interested in the Reunion photos, they are here.

Until tomorrow (assuming I can get an internet connection in Canada)

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