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Sunday, June 21, 2015, Triple G Hideaway RV Park, Fort Nelson, BC, 224 Miles Today, (Mile 275 of the AK Highway) 2916.9 Miles for the Trip

Two weeks into the trip! A pretty day wit just a touch of rain, the second on the Alaska Highway (97). We did hit the first of what will probably be many construction stops for road repaving. About a 10 minute wait, but unlike my last trip out west, I didn't have to drive on fresh oil. It took lots of elbow grease to get the oil out of the wheel wells after that trip.

The fuel stations are far between, so I stopped early. There are some stations that do not have operators, and just take credit cards. That is a problem since they don't like my unchipped US card. I pulled into Fort Nelson with about 3 gallons in the tank. It is probably time to fill my 2 1/2 gallon extra gas can.

We stopped for the night at the Triple G Hideaway RV Park & are in sites 4 & 5. $42.00 for full hookups, including cable. Very good free WiFi which somewhat makes up for the price. We met a couple in a Scamp 13 returning from Alaska, and they mentioned that the Fort Nelson gas station was the most expensive of the trip. I hope so - it was 1.429/L or $62.35 to fill the tank with 11.5 US Gallons.

Site 5
Site 4
Saddle Up!


Dinner was at the campground's restaurant. Veal Cutlet with vegetables & potato for Don and me and a fish basket for Anne. Huge quantiles - the veal cutlet included two large pieces, a pile of vegetables & a large baked potato. We skipped desert! Anne requested a photo sitting in one of the saddles at the bar.

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