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Day 24 -

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015, Creekwood Inn, Anchorage, AK Day 2, 0 Miles Today, 4449.1 Miles for the Trip

We all slept in this morning - I didn't make breakfast until 10:00. After finally getting our acts together, we went our separate ways, Don & Anne to find a plug for their water heater and a car wash, and me for a haircut & a car wash. Don's sister Nancy is kayaking today - we will pick her up tomorrow morning.

An interesting haircut. The barber must have a hobby of collecting electric clippers. My usual haircut involves 2 electric clippers, one with a #3 guide to do most of the head, and a small "buzz" trimmer for around the ears, etc. This guy used no less than 5 different electric clippers, working his way to finer & finer ones. The haircut looks fine, but it was a project!

After we both got back to the campground we decided to go find a Anchorage moose. There are a couple of parks that are suppose to have them so we went looking. While Don & Anne have seen 4 moose (no photos - they flashed by while on the road) I missed all of them. Our first stop was at Kincaid Park. Somewhere it said there were 1500 moose in the park, but none came out to play. We did see some kids riding bikes at the motocross part of the park, along with some distance eagle shots.

A Jet & Eagles
An Eagle
An Eagle


The next stop was Earthquake park. Again, no moose, but a pretty walk, with some history of the big 1964 earthquake. Out last stop was at a park at the point next to the airport. No moose, but we did get to watch the jets taking off over our heads.

We make a quick stop at the Carrs (Anchorage's Safeway) for some supplies & found they had hot fried chicken on sale, which along with some fried rice, became dinner.

Until next time -

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