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Tuesday, July 7, 2015, Chugach State Park, Eagle River, AK - 73 Miles Today, 4942.9 Miles for the Trip

On the way back to Anchorage we made a stop at the Crow Creek Mine. We never saw the mine, but did tour a bunch of old buildings and walked to the creek where I tried panning for gold. No luck but it was fun. The Toohey family runs the operation today, preserving the buildings and providing an opportunity for those interested in learning about gold panning, mining, and such. There was a bus full of kids there during our visit. On the way back from the mine we spotted a black bear at the side of the road. By the time I got my camera out of the back seat, all I was able to get was a photo of its backside!

After that it was a short stop at the Kendall Toyota to see if I needed work on my rear door. Yesterday I tried to close it & it wouldn't. The latch closed while the door was open, making it impossible to close the door. I pried the latch open with my Leatherman, and it seems to be working, but I wanted to get it checked. The service manager looked at it & decided that there was little they could do without a couple of days & that it would probably be OK for the time being.

We decided to make a short day of it since we are ahead of schedule getting to Denali, so we stopped for the day at a state park just north of Anchorage. We are in sites 40 & 41, dry camping for $20.00. The first thing I did was check to see if yesterday's LakeshoreImages page posted. While it looked as if I did get the photos & pages posted around 7:00AM this morning, I couldn't check it because the WiFi was so slow I couldn't use my browser to check. I also was unable to upload the Blogger page this morning, so I added it.

Crow Creek Mine
Crow Creek Mine
Crow Creek Miners
Crow Creek
A Bear's Backside
Sites 40 & 41, Chugach State Park
Nancy's Photo of the Bears


While grilling some boneless pork ribs for dinner, someone stopped by and mentioned a bear was breaking open a cooler left out in a campsite below ours. We kept an eye out, but didn't have a visit, at least during dinner. Dessert (ice cream cones) was a different matter. A mama bear & two cubs ambled along across the road. I didn't have my camera. but Nancy got a picture. They didn't pay any attention to us, but eventually ran across the campground.

After dinner we sat around until it got too cold for me & I headed in to post today's page. I have to make it a quick one - the laptop was down to 18% battery when I started charging it; it is now up to 70%, but the trailer battery is down 12 amp hours. When charging & operating, the 17" MacBookPro draws as much as 9 amps @ 12V...


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