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Saturday, July 18, 2015, "C" Lazy Moose RV Park, Salcha, AK - 119.8 Miles Today, 5580.2 Miles for the Trip

We had a quiet night other than the babbling brook behind my site. I walked to the "Moose Pond" at 7:00AM, but no moose. I did get to watch one of the airplanes take off on the dirt strip at the resort. By the way, if you use the outhouse, be sure to bring a flashlight. When the door is closed, it is pitch dark inside.

We saw a couple of moose along the Chena Hot Springs road. Since it is a fairly narrow road we dropped Anne & Nancy off to take a photo of the first one, but by the time they got back to the pond, it was gone. We finally found a place to turn around, went back to get them, than continued on. We were luckier on the second attempt. We found a quick turn around, and the moose was still there when we got back. I got a couple of photos before she ran off. The next turn around was interesting - I didn't quite make it in the dirt road going to a boat ramp & turned so sharp one of the weight distribution spring bars fell off - the turn was sharp enough that the bar ended up at the loading notch. After putting it back on, we drove to the launch area to turn around. A very rough, potholed road, but everything stayed in the cabinets.

On the way back to Fairbanks we took the Steese Highway a few miles north of the Chena Hot Springs Road to see a section of the Alaskan Pipeline that had some displays & parking to view the pipe. In Fairbanks we stopped at REI for some socks & shoes, etc, then went across the street to Safeway for Bubba Burgers. I've missed them - we haven't been able to find them since we ran out in Canada.

The "Moose Pond"
A Different Moose
Another Photo
The Pipeline Sign
The Pipeline
A Urethane "Pig"
An Old Pig
Back Underground
Sites 13 & 14, "C" Lazy Moose RV Park


Our next stop was at North Pole, AK, about 15 miles south of Fairbanks. We stopped at the Santa Claus Store, a serious tourist trap. I bought a couple of cards to mail to the grandkids.

Because it is a Saturday, we decided not to stretch the miles until late in the day, although I suspect weekenders might be looking for something else to do - it has been raining all day. In any case, we stopped around 3:00 at the "C" Lazy Moose RV Park. We are in sites 13 & 14, full hookup sites for $38.00 each. While they advertise free WiFi, it isn't available at our sites. I'll check later (if the rain stops) or in the morning as we leave to post the page.

I'm not sure what dinner will be; probably depends on whether the rain stops.

Until an internet connection -


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