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Monday, July 20, 2015, Talbot Arms Motel, Destruction Bay, YK (Mile 1083 AK Highway) - 216.7 Miles Today, 5945.2 Miles for the Trip

We packed up in a light rain (hey, at least we are helping to put out the local wildfires!). Stopped for gas in Tok, then 90 miles later stopped again for gas just before the border (strangely enough, still in Tok). We stopped to photograph the "Welcome to Alaska" and "Welcome to the Yukon" signs that we drove by on the way north.


The border crossing went well (although we didn't reach the Canadian entry station until 20 miles into Canada), then we hit both gravel & dirt sections of the highway. The dirt was pretty slow, and, well, dirty! We actually passed a couple of large Class A's & 5th Wheels once we got to the paved section, not that we were going all that fast. We learned to slow for the flags indicating bumps on the way up the road; those guys just drove 30MPH all the way.

Welcome to Alaska
Welcome to the Yukon
The Border
The Border
The Escape & Alaska Sign
Our Campsites & a Dirty RAV4
The View

The first plan was to stop at the Cottonwood campground for the night, but it was late enough that we decided to pull into the Destruction Bay Lodge, the place we stayed on the way up the highway. The problem was they had two caravans in the campground & all sites were filled. The owner suggested Cottonwood, we called, and they were also full. When we went next door to the Destruction Bay Lounge for fuel at the Talbot Arms Motel (they have a Fast Plus gas station) we found they had 4 sites available for $12.00 each. Only 15 amp electric only, but it will do. No site numbers, but of course there is a photo. The view from the campsite is of the bay - very nice although there is a tower in the picture...

They also have a restaurant, so that was dinner. Not the greatest meal I've had on the trip - a frozen veal cutlet on pasta, but it was easier than cooking without a picnic table.

No WiFi in the camping area, but they say they have it at the hotel. Since we are in Canada, I turned off my data on the iPad & iPhone, and can't use my hotspot. I'll walk over to the hotel to see if I can make today's post. (Obviously, if you see this tonight, I was successful!)

Until tomorrow -

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