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Thursday, August 20, 2015, Oswego, NY - 110.6 Miles Today, 10,987.5 For the Trip

A quiet, relaxing morning since I didn't have all that far to go to get home. A familiar drive - I've been to Letchworth a number of times, and my daughter Karin spent her undergraduate years at SUNY Geneseo, a near by branch of the State University of New York system.

Hot & humid, which wasn't a problem on the drive thanks to the RAV4's powerful air conditioning, but unpacking the RAV4 & trailer was a chore! We are currently under a flood watch, although there has only been a small amount of light to moderate rain. I managed to unpack during the breaks in the rain, but according to my Vantage Vue weather station, the humidity is 79% inside & 92% outside.

Since I arrived home a bit earlier than expected, I moved my doctor's appointment up to today. No obvious problems, but they took about a gallon of blood for testing, and changed one of my stomach meds. Back in two weeks to check the results & decide if I need to see a specialist. I have to admit I'm more comfortable at home than on the road with my sour stomach. I always worry about how the trailer would get back to Oswego if I ended up not being able to drive. Plus a protracted stay in the trailer can be difficult, although it wasn't all that bad 2 years ago when I had a bout of A-Fib.

I'll post a wrap up in a day or two with my favorite photos and the trip stats.

Until Then -

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