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The Boler 50th Anniversary Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, August 15 - 19

The Boler was the original fiberglass trailer, first built in 1968 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They decided to put together a 50th anniversary party, and Guido & Anne, some friends from Binghamton, NY & I decided it would be a good way to kick off his retirement.

So, here we are. Like most of the rallies I attend, I plan on running around with my camera taking photos of the people & their trailers. Unlike previous rallies, I will definitely miss some. Last count was close to 500 trailers registered for the event.

Here are some photos from a couple sections, as well as a "Meet & Greet", and the event welcoming.

Wednesday, 8/15/2018

Thursday, 8/16/18:

I had a request for a version of the page of photos that could be scrolled through photo by photo rather than always going back to the thumbnail page, and since my cell service is now fast enough to do a bloated Lightroom generated web page, here are today's photos. As you can see by the warm colors of today's photos, there is quite a bit of high altitude smoke in the air from the BC fires.

Friday, 8/17/18 Afternoon and the Beef on a Bun dinner.

Saturday, 8/18/18 Saturday was the trailer tour day. I didn't get out to see all of the trailers (I'm not sure that was possible!) but did see a few, including some more photos of the school bus / Boler. I gave lots of tours of the Escape 21, then headed over to the solar workshop. I thought it was well done.

Sunday, 8/19/18:

While there were a few hangers on that stayed all day Sunday with plans to leave Monday morning, most left during the day. After dinner we headed to the covered food area for an evening concert by some of the remaining Bolerites.

The Evening Performances

A great time had by all. See you at the 100th!

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