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August 2, 2001 (104mi) - Playing With Crayons

Today we are headed for Easton, PA to tour the Crayola Crayon Factory. Easton is a city - the RV is big! We did find a large enough parking place on the street a couple of blocks away - had to pay for 3 meters! The "Factory" isn't - they have a couple of machines, and a number of guides, but it is set up as an exhibit. We did get to play with crayons & markers, saw them make a batch of red crayons, and each went home with a box of crayons. Had an interesting time getting out of Easton. We saw an entrance onto PA 611 that we could take - Don & Anne ended up going another way. A little back & forth on the CB & we found each other. Some pretty views of the PA countryside on the way:

Along the Way
Colonial Woods, Site R1

From there it was on to the Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort, Site R1. A bit expensive at $42.00 compared to the State Parks we have been staying at up to now, but it was between Easton & Doylestown, the home of our next stop - the Fonthill Museum.


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