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August 5, 2001 (193mi) - It's Dead, Jim!

Had an interesting start - Don & Anne came by around 1:00 to head back to PA. Tried to start the RV & nothing. Engine does not turn over, but radio, headlights, etc work fine. Tried the emergency start switch - no effect. We were about to call the emergency service (Remember it's Sunday) but kept trying different things. While Don was poking around the various "black boxes" in the engine compartment, I kept trying the key. He must have wiggled the right wire - it suddenly cranked & started. We let it run for a bit, shut it off, tried again and it started right up. So, we headed to Hershey, PA to check out the home of chocolate.

The Hershey Factory Tour isn't. I miss the real tours that companies ran before their legal staff started to worry. When we traveled with my parents my father would stop when he got tired of driving (or tired of the three of his kids in the back seat). He'd look for the nearest factory & ask them for a tour. Very often, they didn't have "official" tours, but they always found someone, (often the CEO or other officer) to take us through the plant. I learned more about how things were made & what the working world was like from our trips than school ever taught.

Anyhow, the Hershey's Chocolate World gave us a ride in a candy kiss through an exhibit that describes where chocolate comes from, how it is turned into a consumer product, etc, than dropped us off at the "Factory Store." After the tour we went to Hershey Gardens. Lots of roses, Hibiscus, and a butterfly house.

Chocolate World
Carol, Anne & Don at The Hershey Store
The Main Entrance
Part of the Gardens
Beautiful Roses
A 10" Hibiscus
The Butterfly House
Hershey Highmeadows Campground

Our last stop for the day was at Hershey Highmeadow Campground, Site 77 for the night. Tomorrow we are heading for a 2 night stay at the Gettysburg KOA.


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