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August 8, 2001 (158 miles) RIP Astrostar Van!

Today we are heading across the state to visit Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece. All was well until Don's transmission began pouring smoke! The front seal died - so we had an unplanned stop to get it fixed. By the time we found a shop that could do the job, it was time to stop for the day. Found the Mason/Dixon Campground - This was not a KOA - (I hesitate to knock the place, because it sounds like it has improved since our 2001 trip - this description is based on our 2001 visit) but it's interesting. No one at the campground, either camping or at the "Office" which consisted of a shelf with registration forms and a slot in the door to slide your money. Actually the site (14) was nice, it included water, electric & sewer for only $18, was fairly level, and tree covered. On top of that, the grounds, roads and other sites (other than the pond) looked great. The bathrooms, on the other hand looked like a bomb went off in them. Hopefully, they were in the process of rebuilding them. Good thing there were facilities in the RV! We stayed the night, and left in the morning for Fallingwater, and, other than ourselves, never saw a human being. A little eerie, but if you want a quiet campground, this is the place!

Site 14
Mason/Dixon Campground



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