Nantucket - August 16, 2005
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You know, 4:00AM is VERY early, particularly for a confirmed retired person! Somehow, we ate, packed the final stuff (it did all fit & I can still see out the back window!) We hit the road by 5:00AM, and didn't have to go back for anything. Maybe a first... We did have one stop - And, believe it or not, Luann was waiting at her front door.

Although I don't favor driving the interstates, somehow the trip to Hyannis doesn't seem to count. We did take US 20 once for the trip back to Oswego, but that was because the transmission in our 1990 Dodge Caravan decided to die, and go into the "limp home" mode - second gear. Doing 40mph on I90 isn't a good idea, but it made for a lovely, but long drive on US 20. Maybe because we have an actual destination & a tight schedule we rarely have done the scenic bit for the trip. It does amaze me that I can get on a 4 lane road less than 4 miles from my house & go almost anywhere in the US without getting back onto a 2 lane road till I get there. (I know, there is a 2 mile gap in Fulton!) So 481 to I90, 495, 25 & 132 into Hyannis. The only traffic we ran into was in Hyannis itself; which is usual for August.

The Hyannis Ferry Terminal
Carol & Luann Waiting
The "Nantucket" being unloaded

Back to the trip - the drive was uneventful, other than faster than usual. We hit the ferry dock around 12:00 & made a stand by slot on the 1:00 boat rather than having to wait until our 1:45 reservation. Minor problem - we have always taken the "Eagle", at least for many years since it is a larger & more comfortable boat, so we had problems finding our way around on the "Nantucket." Other than that it was a smooth crossing - well, there was the door between the bow & our side of the boat that Carol closed because it got very windy. After that, everyone that went through it managed to let it slam hard enough to wake up all those taking a nap. The first time we thought a bomb went off. By the way, just in case you wanted to know, the food on the ferry is as bad (but more expensive) as ever!

Since we got to the island early, we drove around a bit showing Luann some of the different parts of Nantucket. Found this Osprey enjoying a fish dinner at the Madaket boat ramp.

The "Eagle" en route from Nantucket
Carol & Luann & "The Door!"
An Osprey Nest