Nantucket - August 8, 2005
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OK, it's a little early to start a "Trip" page but a lot is going on so I thought I'd get this underway. Our plan is to visit my brother on Nantucket Island, MA. For those of you who don't know where it is, it is about 35 miles East of Cape Cod, MA. You get there by taking a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride provided by The Steamship Authority from Hyannis, MA. Unlike the ferries of Washington state, Massachusetts has realized that there aren't too many other ways to get a car from the mainland to the Islands, so they charge accordingly (Round trip is $434.00 + tax for a car & 3 people). On top of that, if you don't make your reservations in January, it is likely you won't get the times/days you hope for. Anyhow, we are set to go on the 2:45 ferry on August 16th.

One problem is we made the reservation before the Oswego Theatre Department set the date for the current 5 year picnic. Unfortunately, it will happen while we are on the island. It will be the first that Carol & I have missed since we started them back in the 70's.

As I mentioned, a lot is going on. I am in the middle of finishing a painting job in Scriba (don't ask!) and a couple of days ago our living room ceiling decided to crack & start to fall down. Kind of of exciting, but not the kind of excitement we really want. As the day went on, the crack, which runs along a sheet rock joint the full width of the room, got wider & wider. When it reached about one half an inch, I used a 2" X 2" & a piece of plywood to push it back in place. The good news is the crack went away; the bad -

1. The ceiling went up about 2" when I pushed it up - I don't think the sheet rock nails are doing much.
2. Called 5 carpenters / sheet rockers and 1 said he might be able to look at it the week of the 15th, 1 is currently booking work the 1st week of October & the other 3 never called back.

This is a job I really don't want to do myself - Above the ceiling is 6" of fiberglass, 3" of Vermiculite & 6" of Cellulose Insulation. The weight of all that combined with the recent high humidity over the past week is probably why it cracked in the first place, but I am not looking forward to getting all that & the sheet rock down. So, we will probably have a new 2" X 2" post in the middle of the living room for some time!