Nantucket - August 20, 2005
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Another relaxed, do little day. I did try a bagel for breakfast. Why is it no place can make bagels except New York City? Anyhow, our first stop was a "Moving Sale - Everything Must Go!" The first hint that it didn't have anything to do with moving from place to place is it only ran from 10:00AM to 12:00AM. Even on Nantucket it would be hard to sell everything in two hours. My guess is they were moved by the idea of selling off the stuff they didn't want anymore. I did get a pillow for $.50 & a couple of books. All the pillows at the house are down & I can't stand getting stabbed be the little feather ends. The next stop was "The Dump." When we first arrived on the Island in 1978, the dump, like most, was a field you dropped stuff off at & a bulldozer piled & buried it. I have a photo taken in 1984 here. Now, again like most, it separates everything. The one thing they kept is true recycling. At the old dump people piled things others might want to the side. Back then we picked up a 20 piece set of aluminum cookware that looked brand new. They either got nervous about cooking in aluminum or changed the color of their kitchen - this set was green. Today they have an entire building called "Take It or Leave It" that is used to drop off & pick up clothing, books, & just about anything. Being an Island, anything that reduces waste is good. I'll take a photo next time we go!

After lunch it was off to Stop & Shop & Cumberlands for the day's re-supply. I did get through to Anne Guido - the Blackfriars Reunion Picnic is in full swing at Selkirk Shores State Park in Oswego. Again I'm sorry we missed it; sounds like a good time. We will have to make sure we get to the next one. Around 4:00 we drove to the Jetties Beach to check out the 32nd Sand Castle Competition. Lots of different classes from kids to adults & fun for all.


The Sign
A Castle
My Favorite - The Book is Harry Potter

That's about all for today.