Nantucket - August 23, 2005
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After breakfast it was time to hit the last stop on our touring tickets - the Quaker Meeting House. It is downtown, and parking is usually difficult unless you have Carol with you. I'm not sure why, but if Carol needs a parking place, one is always there. After the short tour of the Meeting House, we did a quick stop at the Four Winds Gift Shop for a couple of Tee Shirts & other gifts & a stop at the Grand Union for more soda & dinner. On the way home thee was a parking space in front of the Unitarian Universal Church, famous for its clock tower which can be seen from the harbor (and much of the island) and its wall & ceiling paint. I think they must have hired a couple of theatrical scene painters. Although it doesn't show in the photograph, the ceiling looks domed, but is flat. The walls also have painted panels designed to look like plaster work. At this point the paint is a bit worn, but the effect is neat. After that it is home for lunch.

Carol & Luann at the Quaker Meeting House
Petunias Outside the Quaker Meeting House
The Unitarian Church
Organ Loft - the Unitarian Church
Ceiling - the Unitarian Church
Stuck Van? (Photo When Processed) It's Here!

Well, after lunch I decided to go to the beach. Had a great time until it was time to come home. Now I have been coming to Nantucket most summers since 1978, and never managed to get stuck on a sand road. On the only day we have a definite need to be somewhere at a specific time I managed to bury the van up to the frame (well since the van doesn't actually have a frame, I guess it was up to the floor pan...) Anyhow, I was only 20' from a parking lot full of 4 wheel drive vehicles, none of which were interested in pulling me out. I guess I couldn't blame them since the only way you could get within tow cable distance of the van is to drop your tire pressure down to 20psi. Most of the 4 wheelers in the Miacomet parking lot have rarely been off a paved or hard sand road. So, I walked back to the golf course, called home & Carol called Dave. We hooked a tow rope from his new truck to the hitch on the van & he pulled me out just like the van wasn't even there. Very embarrassing! To top it all off, he got a picture but you will have to wait - old technology; he used a film camera. I'll add it when he gets the film processed. By the time we were out it was 4:30.

So, I zipped back to the house, threw the camera, Carol & Luann into the van, raced to the ferry. Of course because Carol was with us there was one parking space just where we needed it. Don & Anne were on the boat - pictures below.

The Eagle Has Almost Landed
Look Closely - Anne is Waving
Don & Anne Are Here!