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Thursday, March 31, 2016, Village Creek State Park, Wynne, AR, Day 3, 0 Miles, 6,248.7 Miles for the Trip

I survived the eastern Arkansas thunderstorms. I kept the radio on during the night, listening to a Jonesboro NPR station. They had weather announcements every 10 minutes - I didn't get worried until one of the announcements for expected flooding was the Village Creek State Park. I looked out the window, and while it was raining pretty hard, no standing water was visible. Since I'm on the high side of the campground, I figured the other side would show water first. The rangers said to head to the bathrooms if things got bad - since they are lower than my site, I'm not sure that would help in a flood. Actually, the highest part of the campground is the tent site the ladies next to me are in. The entire campground might end up sitting on their picnic table! I took a photo of the creek that runs through the campground - It was empty yesterday & running pretty good today.

The Campground Creek The Silver Turtle (13' U-Haul)


I did meet the owner of the Oliver parked next to me - it was Pete & the Wonder Egg, along with Oscar, the smiling dog. Pete has a blog that I follow. He headed out today. I also talked with the ladies tent camping next door - they survived the night, although one of them got a bit wet.

Right now (12:00) it is starting to rain again. At least there is no wind or hail. The radio warned of $.50 piece sized hail and 60 MPH winds in a nearby storm; hope it doesn't get any closer!

The main part of the storm went by to the north, with, according to the radio, 2" diameter hail in the Memphis area. The sun actually came out for awhile during the afternoon, but now at 3:30 it is back to rain & thunder. A silver painted 13' U-Haul trailer called the Silver Turtle just pulled into the site between me & the tent camping ladies. I watched him rush to get set up before the downpour broke out. Had a short talk, and tour by the owner before the rain got bad enough to drive me inside. He is planning a trip to Alaska, so I hope we get a chance to talk before I leave in the morning.

It looks like dinner will be soup or something cooked inside. I don't know if this is going to get posted - even with the amplifier & outside antenna, the jetpack is only showing a -100dbm Verizon connection at 1X. I generally have to have at least a 3G connection to get an internet connection. It went down from 3G about an hour ago while I was watching the progress of the storm on weather radar on the iPad.

Well, I now have a slow internet connection, so I'll try to upload today's page. Dinner is still looking like an inside job...

An interesting addition - I had no problem uploading photos or the text to my LakeshoreImages website (what you are looking at here), but could not connect to Google's Blogspot to post my daily blog there. Uploads are fine, but downloads seem to be dead. I'll try later.

Until next time -

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