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Tuesday, April 5, 2016, David Crockett State Park, Lawrenceburg, TN, Day 2, 0 Miles, 6,528.7 Miles for the Trip

It started out warm (still in the 70's at 10:00PM) so I didn't get out the electric cube heater. Woke up at 6:00AM & it was 50°F in the trailer & 45F outside. I crawled out of bed, fired up the heater, then back under the covers. Nice and toasty by 7:00.

After breakfast and reading some blogs & forums (there is good 4G LTE Verizon & 2 bars of AT&T LTE coverage at my site) I decided to check out the David Crockett Museum a bit further into the park. Drove by the restaurant, which is closed until Wednesday. The museum was closed, but there was a couple of birds of prey in cages outside & a waterwheel at the end of the museum. Sorry for the cage wires in the bird photos, but they wouldn't be there without them!

There is a covered bridge over the road a bit past the museum. Not quite traditional since it has a metal roof, but I took a photo anyway. I stopped at Crockett Falls & took a photo as well. Not the biggest waterfall I've seen, but it is the first in quite awhile. There aren't too many of them in the desert - well maybe the exception is Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington State.

After a short hike to the Observation Shelter hoping to find a bigger waterfall, (mostly climbing stairs) it was back to the trailer. Still cool at 53°F at 12:30, but the sun is warm enough to sit outside.

Covered Bridge Screech Owl Red Tailed Hawk? The Water Wheel
Crockett Falls      

I got an offer for some packages of the dried refried beans I mentioned I liked from John, another fiberglass trailer owner. I'll take him up on it if he is coming to Townsend next week. Along with the basic refried beans, they also make a refried black bean & one with chiles; I'd like to try both.

Dinner was the last of the frozen chicken thighs, broccoli, and the left over refried beans. By the way, if there was a good reason to carry a microwave, it would be to reheat refried beans. I haven't felt the need for one very often, but both heating the beans in a sauce pan & cleaning it afterwards are two good reasons!

Until next time -

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