The 13th Annual Quartzsite Gathering, 2020 - February 2nd - 9th,

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Sunday, February 2nd:

84°F Today
48°F Last Night

Another pleasant day at Dome Rock, with new arrivals arriving all day. I made a couple of rounds to take photos. including a couple of distorted panoramas that show most of the area.


Large Version (2.1MB)


Large Version (1.8MB)

Monday, February 3rd:

69°F Today (At Midnight), 55°F at 2:30PM
49°F Last Night

And a panorama from a different direction:

Large Version (2.3MB)

Tuesday, February 4th:

53°F Today
39° Last Night

A cool & windy day. Most are hiding in or behind the trailers with winter coats & gloves. Cooler tonight, than gradual warming throughout the rest of the week.



Large Version (2.2MB)

Wednesday, February 5th:

Another cold & windy night & day. 56°F the high for the day & 36°F last night for the low. Wind today averaged 14 MPH, going from 12 - 24 MPH. I did make a loop around the campground, but all but the brave (or foolhardy) were huddled inside their trailers. I included a photo of a very beat up Saguaro cactus.


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Hope to see everyone on the road & next year at Dome Rock!


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