The 13th Annual Quartzsite Gathering, 2020 - February 2nd - 9th,

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Thursday, February 6th:

While we ere still having cool nights with 35F for a low last night, the day was beautiful. Almost no wind and it hit 70°F. It is still a pleasant 69°F at 4:45.

Today's photos:


Friday, February 7th:

Today's high 77°F
Last Night 39°F

A clear day with more trailers still arriving. Another afternoon concert, and the Friday night Wiener Roast.

Saturday, February 8th:

41°F Last Night,
82 °F as of 2:00PM Today

The swap meet started bright & early at 8:00AM, with lots of stuff for sale & for free. I got rid of about 50 pounds of junk, as well as sold a good battery monitor & solar controller that I replaced with the Victron system.

After that it was a breakfast of Myron's New Jersey pork roll, and on to teach a workshop on using your camera off the program mode.

Ron did a workshop on the Baja after mine, and there will be another one this afternoon on a Tesla battery system in a 5th wheel. Happier Camper brought in a couple of trailers, and Escape was showing a 17.

We finished off the evening with the Desert Dessert Special.

Sunday, February 9th:

A warm night at 51°F and 72°F at 1:30PM.

Lots of trailers leaving, although there are still many of the 200 plus still here. Some are leaving due to the predicted 1/2" of rain overnight & tomorrow. A good sized campfire used up some of the firewood, but there is plenty left for anyone who wants it. One last photo of a lonely Casita on the hill...


Thge Stats:

Count/State: 47-CA; 31-AZ; 28-No Location on Reg; 19-TX; 15-WA; 9-CO; 7-FL; 6-NM; 6-OR; 5-NV; 5-MI; 4-BC; 3-KS; 3-UT; 3-SD; 3-WI; 3-Ftime; 3-MN; 2-ON; 2-MB; 2-ID; 2-KY; 2-NY; 2-SC; 2-PA; 1-MO; 1-AR; 1-AL; 1-IA; 1-HI; 1-NJ; 1-OH; 1-MA; 1-NH; 1-VA; 1-IN; 1-MO
Yes, someone attended for Hawaii for the first time and in a Casita.

226 - Trailers in attendance. New attendance record for the Quartzsite Gathering!

Trailer Count: Casita-87; Escape-57; Scamp-21; Bigfoot-12; Happier Camper-3; Oliver-3; Hymer-2; Lil Snoozy-1;
Boler-1; Compact Jr-1; Surfside-1; Playpac-1; Not Listed on Reg- 22; SOB-Dark Side-14

Arizona Eileen's Dash Cam Video
Myron Leski's Video
Greg Hine's Drone Video

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Hope to see everyone on the road & next year at Dome Rock!


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