Nantucket - Monday, August 22, 2016
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I'm not sure if it is just having photographed Nantucket too many times or what, but I can't get myself out & shooting this trip. Almost a week has gone by without a new post. In any case, I have a few images from one of my morning walks. The fields belonging to the Nantucket Land Bank (property purchased & set aside with funds from a tax on new construction) almost look like African plains - I almost expect to see a pride of lions curled up under the trees.

Land Bank Fields Land Bank Trees Head of Hummock Pond Beach Plums

We made a couple of trips to the transfer station. The excuse is to drop off the garbage & recyclables, but the real reason is a stop at the Take it or Leave it building. Since Nantucket is a rather small island, dealing with trash is a problem. The solution is an entire building that people drop off usable items rather than toss them in the dumpsters. My favorite section is the book area. A couple thousand books are dropped off every week during the summer. Just about any & every author - I end up with a shopping bag of books by my favorite authors, plus a few new reads. My brother David added to his collection of director's chairs & canning jars. I didn't attempt to look at the clothing tables. When I stopped by 4 days ago, they were empty - today the 100's of square footage of tables were piled 3' high. Everything that one picks up is something that doesn't have to go to the landfill or be carted off island, so one doesn't feel guilty about picking stuff up.

Other than the trips to the Stop & Shop grocery store & the dump, I haven't been doing much. A bit of reading, my daily walk/jog, and hanging around the house. I'm heading back to Oswego tomorrow morning on the 6:30AM boat. A pain to get up early enough to catch it, but it lets me arrive back in Oswego early enough to unload the truck. This time it will be a short turn around - I'm heading out Wednesday with the trailer for a long weekend concert down in the Finger Lakes.