Nantucket - Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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You know, 5:30AM is awfully early for us retired guys. I probably could have cut it to 6:00AM, but I have a habit of getting to important scheduled appointments 10 - 15 minutes early. The 6:30 ferry does not wait for anyone so I arrived even earlier - I was parked in line to board at 6:00. Loading started at 6:20. I still find it amazing to watch them load 4-5 full sized semis before they start loading the smaller trucks & cars. While I was first in Row 3, I was just about the last on the boat - 3 cars behind me. A longer wait than usual to get off the boat in Hyannis, and a slower drive out of the city since there was a ferry load of cars ahead of me - there are a couple of left turns at stop signs on busy streets that back up traffic.

An uneventful drive back to Oswego. I did get a call an hour into the drive from Dave - I left a rain jacket behind. There is always something. Hope the weather is dry for the concert!

One of the few good things about the early boat is the light over the harbor at 6:30AM - I like the color in the first photo. Be sure to look closely at the last photo of the Brant Point Lighthouse. Check out the "little" black boat in the background. I don't know the name or origin since it wasn't there when I did my harbor tour last week, but it sure is impressive!

Morning Light in the Harbor Lots of Boats Brant Point Lighthouse Check Out the Boat in the Background

We must have had some serious rain in Oswego while I was gone. My rain gauge shows 4.85" and was at less than .5" when I left. The grass grew enough that I had to mow, something that I only did twice the entire summer.

I unpacked & repacked the truck & trailer - it is only 70 miles to the "Pickin in the Pasture" concert & the campground doesn't open until noon, so I have plenty of time to finish packing tomorrow morning. Like all my trips, I do some posting here assuming that there is cell coverage in Lodi at the campground.

Until then -