The 10th Annual Quartzsite Gathering, 2017 - February 6th - 12th
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All photographs Copyright © 2017 Jon R. Vermilye

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While this is the 10th Annual Quartzsite Gathering, it is my 3rd. I've been spending the winter at the La Posa West Long Term Visitor's Area, a BLM camping area in the desert around Quartzsite that provides fresh water, a dump station & dumpsters for $180.00 for the entire (7 months) winter.

The rally is held at Dome Rock, a 14 day free camping area about 4 miles west of Quartzsite. I moved over here on February 1st, although the rally doesn't officially start until the 6th. I have a few photos from earlier in the rally, including a few hummingbird images at a feeder next to my trailer, and will add more as the week continues.

February 1 - 5th:

Hummingbirds Anne's Escape 19 (Website) Glenda's Casita & John's Class A
Another Casita Jean & Friends (Her Website) I'm Surrounded! A Casita With a Front Window


Moon Light, Stars & Tree LED Light Stick Lighting, Airplane, & Tree More Light Stick Lighting The Stars & Moonlight
Glenda & Claire Getting to Know You! Clare's Campsite Sharing Some Wine


New Arrivals
New Arrivals John's Scamp 19 (Website) A Bigfoot

February 6th:

It is Starting to Fill In (Large 7.3MB version)


The Super Bowl The Super Bowl Registration Attending in Spirit - a Broken Bone Kept Them at Home

February 7th:

Lots of Wind More Trailers Hanging Out Hanging Out
Hanging Out A Bigfoot 5th Wheel Looking West Heading For the Happy Hour
4:00 Happy Hour The Entertainment    

February 8th:



A Panorama of the Lower Area (Full Size 14 MB Version)

February 9th:

I walked around the three general areas where people have set up, and counted 129 trailers as of 2:30 today, although some have already left, and more came in while I was counting.

The 4:00 Happy Hour was not as crowded as the first night, probably because sitting in the sun is tough. I know those home on the east coast are in the middle of a blizzard today; here we have clear skies & temperatures in the 80's. Sorry!

The 4:00 Happy Hour The Musicians Finding Shade Our 1st Lil Snoozy

February 10th:

Moon Rise Over the Mountains Almost Full Hanging Out Mark's Ukulele Class & Performance
Registration Table & Soup      

February 11th:

I walked back to the top of one of the mountains overlooking the Dome Rock camping area & took a photo this morning to show the difference between the beginning of the rally & today.

The Dome Rock Camping area, Mostly Empty, 2/1/17 (Full Sized JPG (7.1MB))


Today (Saturday) (Large 5.3MB image)


While it started out cloudy, during the ladderball game a light rain began to fall. The game finished under umbrellas, as did the start of the soup meal.

For those who haven't been, each person brings a can of soup & they are combined to make large pots. Today there was a chicken base, a beef base & any soup left over went into the "mystery" pot. I had the mystery soup and it was delicious!

A Casita & Cactus 2017 Escapes Greg Showing the Prizes Earl Explains Ladderball
Explaining the Rules Let the Games Begin! Turning in the Scores Starting the Soup
Nice Toss Smile! Keeping Score The Prizes
Another Good Toss Making Soup Making Soup Starting to Rain
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Adding 4th & Earl Serving the Soup Serving the Soup
Serving the Soup Enjoying the Soup Enjoying the Soup Reading the Statistics
The Dessert Pot Luck Line The Dessert Pot Luck Line The Dessert Pot Luck Line Hanging Out at the Fire
Hanging Out at the Fire Leroy is Lying Down on the Job Hanging Out at the Fire  

Before the Dessert Pot Luck Greg read the statistics for the rally - 17 Scamps, 79 Casitas, 27 Escapes, 5 Big Foots, 3 Olivers, 1 Lil Snoozy, 5 others, and 6 SOBs (Some Other Brand non fiberglass eggs). With those arriving late & leaving early, these should be close, although if anyone was here and didn't register, they won't have been counted.

February 12th:

Packing up day. Most of the trailers left, although there are some that will stay until tomorrow or later.

Sunset Over the Pit Toilet Around the Campfire Around the Campfire Packing Up Ladderball


A couple of additions from Greg's (the organizer) web page at Scamp International:

The Official count - 80 - Casita's; 27 - Escape's; 17 - Scamps; 5 - Bigfoot's; 3 - Oliver's; 6 - Other incl Lil Snoozy, Trillium; and 6 - SOB's (Some Other Brand) from 28 US states and 4 Canadian Provinces: TX, SD, AK, AZ, UT, CA, WA, MO, MI, CO, GA, NV, AL, VA, TN, ID, NM, MN, KS, KY, WY, PA, NC, OR, NY, MS, FL, AR, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and British Colombia.

We also have a drone flyby of the rally at YouTube.

Until next year!

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