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Day 26

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - Wheeler County RV Park, Fossil, OR, Day 4, 0 Miles, 448.2 Towing Miles For the Trip

I didn't do much at all today. Most of it spent reading or listening to the radio. I did dig out some of the projects I have lined up for the trailer, but the only one I got done was mounting the XM Radio next to the bed. I'll probably start on the upper cabinet lighting tomorrow - all the parts are ready to go.

Last night a small herd of deer wandered through the campground. The seemed to be used to people since they didn't run off when I got out of my chair, opened the back door of the truck and got out the camera.

Visiting Deer


We now have 4 RVs in the campground - a Born Free Class C pulled into the site next to mine.

Dinner was a Bubba burger, Bush baked beans & snap peas.

Until next time -


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