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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - Page Springs BLM Campground, Frenchglen, OR, Day 4, 0 Miles, 678.9 Towing Miles For the Trip

Last night a little before dinner one of the ladies I've chatted with waved across the campground, shouted something that I didn't understand. I waved back, and a bit later discovered that it must have been goodbye. Somewhat late to be leaving the campground, but at $4.00 per day, deciding to leave a day early isn't going to kill you. I do miss saying goodbye.

A bit cooler today - only in the mid 80's. there was enough of a breeze that sitting under the awning was comfortable. Not enough of a breeze to test the automatic awning closure - if it shakes too many times, it retracts all by itself. I still don't have the nerve to leave the campsite with it open - I don't trust the electronics that much!

I didn't do much at all other than some more reading (another one of Jeff Carson's books on the Kindle), and took the first shower in the new trailer. Much better than the 17. There is room enough that I can turn around! You still need to spend time wiping down the bathroom after a shower, and it is smaller than any campground shower I've been in, so when they are available, I'll probably stick with the campground, but it works better than the 17.

The fly fisherman that wander by my campsite on the way to the river behind it don't seem to be returning with big smiles on their faces. I suspect it is hot enough that it is difficult to get the trout to rise. There is a notice on the campground board to avoid overplaying the fish since they are currently heat stressed.

Dinner will be the last of the rice & a microwaved chicken burrito. The plan was to eat at the picnic table as usual, but just at the microwave beeped, it started to rain. The heaviest yet here at Page Springs. Nothing that you run from to get out of, but more than you want to sit around eating. For the last hour of so it had been raining off & on, with a bit of thunder & lightning.

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