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Day 91

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Friday, November 3, 2017 - Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, NV, Day 3, 0 Miles, 2,633.4 Towing Miles For the Trip

I don't understand the signage here at the campground. Yesterday afternoon, they put a "Campground Full" sign at the entrance even though there was one electric, 2 electric handicapped, and many water only or dry sites available. Today, with all but the electric handicapped & dry sites filled, no sign.

I didn't do much today. Made a run to Overton for a small frying pan (tired of cleaning a 12 1/2" pan in a small sink when frying an egg or two). I also picked up some vegetables for my fajitas. Overton has a strange collection of businesses. Three banks, two hardware stores, one grocery store, no laundromat, a couple of insurance offices, but no general or department store. There is, like every town in the west, a dollar store - this one a Family Dollar. I did pick up a couple of books at the Goodwill store, but while I was looking through the racks, they closed - I'll have to go back...

I stopped at the visitor center on the return trip. Some nice displays & information about the park, and an announcement that there will be a Atlatl demo at 2:00 tomorrow. I'll probably go - it is fun to try tossing the thing - last year I even hit the target!

Other than that, it was reading forums, web pages, and my current book - Richard Laymon's Darkness, Tell Us.

Just before dinner I headed for the showers. The building in the electric hookup area has individual bathrooms and individual showers. Poorly designed showers - the shower control is in the drying area, out of reach when you are in the shower. Not that that is a major problem since you need to set the temperature at full hot to get lukewarm water.

No hooks for your towel or clothes (there is a towel bar that gets hit by the spray that gets around the shower curtain) and a small seat. They do put down a rubber floor mat in the drying area, which is good since there is no drain in the shower area - water runs across the drying area floor. The west side shower high pressure nozzle cannot be adjusted - a single thick stream of water is all you get. The east shower does let you adjust the spread of the stream, but if you make it too wide, all you get is a spray fine enough that it is cold be the time it hits you. I really do wish that all campground administrators were required to shower in their facilities at least once in a while. I suspect it would improve things. Still, all in all, it is nice to have a shower larger than the one in my Escape, and not have to worry about filling the gray tank. Enough whining!

Dinner was a couple of steak fajitas made from yesterday's leftover strip steak. I had a couple of McVitie's Digestive Wheat Biscuits for dessert. I read a couple of British authors, and, of course, am working my way through the Harry Potter series, and kept reading about Digestive Biscuits with tea at tea time. I was never sure of what they were, and when I saw a box in a grocery store a few weeks ago, had to buy them. I'd call them a cross between a cookie & a cracker. In any case, they are quite good, although where "digestive" comes in, I'm lost.

Until Tomorrow -


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