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Monday, January 1, 2018 - La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 43, 0 Miles, 3,740.2 Towing Miles For the Trip

Welcome to 2018! A very quiet New Year Eve. While there may have been fireworks in town (or even in the campground even though the rules say no), I didn't hear a thing & fell asleep at 11:30 Mountain time. I did get a text message with photos of Zoe (my granddaughter) celebrating around 11:30 Eastern time, so even the grandkids outlasted me.

A cool walk for coffee this morning with a fairly heavy haze hiding the sun. I didn't get to any projects today other than trying to improve the radio reception. I dug out the 20 db amplifier that didn't do much good with the old antenna. Before hooking it up to 12V, I plugged in the new antenna & radio, and the reception got better. Hooked the amp up to 12V and it got a bit worse. Turned on the amp & everything went away. It boils down to hanging the amp outside the cabinet with the 12V power disconnected & turned off works great. Stuff the works into the cabinet & everything goes away. I give up!

Other than that I sat outside and did some reading. I'm currently reading David Brin's book two of an Uplift Trilogy: Infinity's Shore. A many page book that I'm half way through. Of course that is why yesterday I got notice that my 2 week reservation of Dan Brown's Origin has arrived, another large book. I better read fast!

I talked (well, Facetimed) with Don & Anne (mostly Don). They are in South Carolina visiting their daughter & grandkids. Even there it is in the 20's. I talked with my son in Oswego yesterday & they had 3' of new snow on the ground, 5°F, and he was snowblowing for the 4th time this winter.

Since I had left over vegetarian pizza for lunch, dinner is going to be cheese & crackers.

Until Tomorrow -


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