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Day 174

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Thursday, January 25, 2018 - La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 67, 0 Miles, 3,746.2 Towing Miles For the Trip

A busy day. After breakfast I headed to Parker for some supplies & a hair cut at Mike's Barber Shop. I stopped by Quiet Times to pick up a package shipped via UPS. That would normally be a $2.00 charge, but because UPS used the US Mail system for the "last mile", it cost me $5.00 to pick up the package. By the way, the "last mile" was all within the post office since it was delivered to a PO box. Quiet Times charges more for post office packages since they have to often wait in line, sometimes for more than an hour, to pick them up.

The package was a new propane detector. The original one died & blew the 15 amp fuse it was connected to. So far the new one is working.

I didn't do much else for the day; a bit of reading, and a shower to wash off the short bits of hair left from the haircut. I have to say I appreciate the few barber shops that vacuum your head. A bit strange, but you don't itch for the rest of the day. Since I'm leaving Monday, I didn't even make it a quick, Navy type shower. I still have 2/3 left in the fresh water tank, an the gray is still showing empty. I do appreciate the larger tanks (as well as the larger shower) in the 21!

Since I had an excellent ham breakfast burrito this morning, I felt full all day, so dinner is going to be snacking on cheese & crackers.

Until Tomorrow -


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